You must be a registered client to make appointments online. If you are new to our practice you first need to fill out the paperwork HERE.
If have been here before and simply need access; you can make the request HERE.

Please carefully read the terms for self scheduling below.

-We do not offer boarding or grooming services at our facility.
-Surgeries or procedures that require your pet be anesthetized must be scheduled by phone.
-The veterinarian you choose for your appointment should be seen as a request only. You may have to wait if the veterinarian you chose is unavailable at the time of your appointment.
-If you are flying with a pet and need either a rabies titer done or a health certificate signed. We are capable of sending out rabies titers; however, we cannot sign health certificates.
-Cancellations can be done through email or by phone and will not be charged additional fees if done anytime before the day of the appointment.

For appointments that do not comply with the terms listed above, you are subject to fees of $300 per pet upon arrival. If agreed to reschdule/cancel the appointment, your fee may be lowered to $50 per pet upon arrival.