What We Offer

We provide a broad range of diagnostic, surgical, and laboratory services to ensure your pet is getting the best treatment a clinic can provide. You can read more about each service by clicking on an item below.

Internal Medicine

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

The CBC can help our doctors determine many things about your pet, including whether they are dehydrated, anemic, or if there is an infection their body is trying to deal with. The CBC measures the quantity and quality of different cells in the body such as, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

Energy Healing

For our energy medicines we primarily use bach flower essence combinations with potentized gem elixers. these medicines help to cleanse the auric field of distortions brought on by emotional or physical disturbances.

Blood Chemistry

The chemistry profile measures a variety of chemicals and enzymes in the blood that provides our doctors general information about the status of organ health and function; more specifically of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas.

Glandular Healing

Glandular healing involves replacing weak or hypereactive tissues with base substance organs from another species or the photomorphogens derived from those tissues and which are used to direct undifferentiated stem cells on whats to become.


Radiology offers various imaging techniques to help doctors look inside the body using non-invasive methods. At our practice we offer two radiology services, the first being radiography(x-ray) which is helpful when looking for fractures, tumors, blockages in the intestines, and puppies.The second service we offer is ultrasonography which allows the physician to view soft tissues in real time. This helps with identifying cancer that x-rays may not be able to detect, internal bleeding, and general health of organs.


There are a wide variety of surgical procedures we offer such as Spaying/Neutering, Orthopedics, Tumor removals, and more.

Although most procedures will be sent home on the same day, some procedures will require hospitalization, but usually go home within a few days.

Parasite Evaluation

Fecal parasites are one of the more common parasites we come across and can be easily detected under a microscope with only a small sample; this can be done in-house where we can get results in under 20 minutes. Bloodborne parasites require a more extensive evaluation that will need to be sent out to an external lab for testing, this usually has an average turnaround time of 1-2 days.


Nehalem Animal Healing offers orthopedic services including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for injuries and disorders of the skeletal system and associated bones, joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and nerves.

Our surgeons can fix various bone fractures and repair ligaments as well as using medication and suppliments to help prevent musculoskeletal issues.


With only a small amount of urine we are able to see bacteria, blood cells, crystals, and more. Using artificial intelligence our Urinalysis machine can capture and identify everything in 70 different photos in under 3 minutes; this allows our doctors to spend more time diagnosing your pet.


Our doctors and technicians use ultrasonic scalers and polisers, much like the ones you will see at a human dentist, to clean tartar off teeth and help rebuild enamle. Sometimes a tooth may be loose or have a fracture and will need to be pulled, for this our doctors will sometimes need to use a high speed drill to help remove the problem tooth.

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